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Welcome to Stinker’s Teaching Pages

Here is Stinkers’ Challenge for you.
How many wildflowers did Booger pursue?
Click on the Stinker's Challenge icon (to the right)
for all the answers that are true.

Booger: A Tall Tale
is a nature book by Mary Phillips.

Marsgang Publishing Mission Statement: Our intention is to bring beautifully illustrated classic nature books into the marketplace. Nature helps us breathe.

This book is an inter-active computer book. Ages- kindergarten to sixth grade.

Booger A Tall Tale will make your curriculum come alive for your students! Enjoy seeing them learn about mending their bad habits and discover the world of nature through the eyes of Booger and the twinkle of Firefly!

You'll be surprised at how quickly they master naming and recognizing the four main wildflower Characters. Booger Covers many State Curriculum Standards for Science, English, Health and Life Science.

Booger is a hand's- on book- Enjoy seek and search illustrations. Booger's cat named Stinker can be found throughout the pages along with Firefly and other characters. Three to four books are recommended for your library to assist the teacher.

Health and life science- Cleanliness cannot be stressed enough this year. The students learn along with Booger- don't pick your nose. Take a bath and stay clean Go to bed when you're told and get plenty of sleep. Don't destroy plant life.

Science -The Wildflower characters teach children to respect nature, along with wildflower and native plant recognition. After reading this book-it is a good opportunity to introduce and discuss photosynthesis with your students. It's important for children to know that plants produce oxygen. Web page follow-up is on the last page of the book, titled Stinker's Challenge. Coloring page can be used for science curriculum.

English-Creativity and the spoken word- Booger is a tall tale. Children are encouraged through the books web pages to create their own tall tale. Try spinning a tall tale in your classroom and then illustrate the story. There is a web-page follow-up coloring page.

Booger summary:


Booger lives up on the Jungle Brook and he has disgusting habits. He picks his nose and hates to take a bath. He learns a hard lesson, on a confusing mountain adventure, encountering odd wildflowers and treacherous trails.


Firefly narrates this nature tale with a moral ending.

Many of you on first reading this book, may think “ Booger “ is simply a good book about bad habits. One of the hardest lessons kids have to learn is “don’t pick your nose!” Booger addresses this problem, but the book also emphasizes taking a bath and going to bed when told.

This story was developed with my niece Stacie during her summer visits. Through this story, she learned the fun in spinning “tall tales,” and she also learned lessons about cleanliness and cooperation. Every Kindergarten teacher has a problem teaching their students not to pick their nose, to be sure to wash their hands, and to keep clean.

A respect for nature is another lesson woven into the pages of this book. It can be used to introduce or reinforce science and nature studies and to teach students about protecting and preserving living things. Boys, especially, have bad habits of stomping on the flowers in the woods and hitting everything in their path with sticks!

You may be able to use this book for higher grade levels by using it for the basis of plant study by following the progress of the ATBI project, which is one of the largest science projects in the world today.

Being an artist and storyteller, I have a keen interest in teaching children about native plants. I want to educate kids at an early age - teaching that some plants cannot be bought at a nursery. We are losing our native plants along our roadways and meadows.  These habitats are being over-developed at an alarming rate. I would like to engage children, and instill an awareness of their natural surroundings in our country and around the world.

I sincerely hope that “Booger” along with “Firefly” and “ Stinker” will teach children a few points along the way. I especially hope the kids will laugh their way through the book and hunt for Booger’s cat, Stinker, on all the pages.

Stinker in the book (and the real Stinker too!)

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Blog-News From Mary Phillips: Your classroom will enjoy asking questions and viewing more pictures of the authors visit to your school. Remember Mary is a busy lady; it may take awhile, but she will answer.

COMING SOON: Stinker’s in-depth study of the border plants.

This page will include creative and fun instruction from Stinker, about all of the border plants and some of the mushrooms in the book. These pages will be available to download to your computer stations. Given time, you may want to work this into a daily discussion until you finish going through the pages with stinker.

The mushroom pages can be very helpful. Stinker teaches that many mushrooms can be poisonous and you must be careful what you touch. She teaches common names and funny names and has some stories to tell about the plants.  Stinker includes information on how Native Americans also knew about nature and how plants can help us.

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