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Let's Color!

Download and print this page.
Size: 8.5 x 14
Pictured above (numbers will not print).

Encourage your students to create their own tall tale
about the singing mushrooms

The mushroom names to learn from left to right on this page are:

1. Golden Grill Trio (Three yellow flat topped mushrooms on the left side of page)
2. Velvet Cort Mushroom (Purple mushroom)
3. American Caesar’s (Center-3 red-orange topped mushrooms singing their hearts out)
4. Bay Bolet -Baseman (Thick stemmed, red and yellow mushroom- right)
5. Half-free Morel Man (Ridged, capped, ocre colored mushroom far right)
Please refer to pages 26 & 27 of your book to see the mushrooms in color.

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