Mary Phillips is a professional artist who resides in a place called Boogertown, near the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee. These mountains are the source of her greatest love, Nature. Her fascination with native plants has evolved into her original pressed wildflower collections, some of which are brought to life in vivid detail on the borders of the pages of this book. The author’s goal is to create lasting classic nature books for children and to encourage them to discover the joy of identifying and protecting the plants and flowers that grow around them.

A graduate of Ringling School of Art, Mary spent many years as a Children’s portrait artist with JC Penney Company, which gave her the inspiration for this book. “Thousands of children have sat for me while I drew their portraits. And most of them had trouble not picking their noses!” Booger introduces children to the wonder of science and nature. Mary hopes that this book will kindle a love and respect of nature, and inspire children to explore their own back yards, national parks and state forests. Mary shares her happy mountain home with two cats, a smiling dancing dog, a few bears, birds of every kind, and lots of wildflowers!

Watch for Mary’s next book, The Redheaded Boogertown Bunch.