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Sample pages pictured above:
Cover: Booger: A Tall Tale
pages 8-9 (owls pages): "I don't take baths. It's against my religion."
pages 20-21 (Rose Begonia): "Are you that kid who picks his nose?"
pages 24-25 (Jack in the Pulpit): "Are you Jack in the Pulpit?"

Booger is an attempt to teach two totally
unrelated subjects and make learning fun!

The first subject is disgusting bad habits -
don’t pick your nose, take a bath,
and go to bed when you are told.
The second subject is to respect
Nature and learn about it.

Hardcover, 12" x 9", 32 pages
Ages 3-10
ISBN 978-0-9815687-0-6

Dust Jacket Copy

Booger lives up in the mountains on the Jungle Brook, and he has some pretty disgusting habits...the worst of which is picking his nose! That soon changes when he falls into an exciting mountain adventure, where he encounters frightful creatures, odd wildflowers and treacherous trails.

Listen as Firefly narrates this tall tale with its inspiring moral ending. Come along with Booger as he learns his lessons from a fierce owl, Stinking William, Wild Rose Begonia, and Jack in the Pulpit.

Find Booger's faithful cat Stinker, who tags along on his adventure on every page. You'll also love discovering and identifying the plants as you search for them throughout the story. Notice the borders of each page are made from real pressed wildflowers, ferns, and leaves. And you can learn more about plant identification and teaching tools on the author's website,

The story celebrates this author and artist's love of nature and children. Mary Phillips uses the creative process of spinning a tale to help get beyond the longtime global problem of teaching children not to pick their nose.

Teachers and parents alike will applaud "Booger," a whimsical and educational nature book for children. Just take a hike with Booger and have fun!

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